Hosting and creation

We manage the hosting of your websites in the servers of our partners or in our own server installed in a date center in France. We set up the management of your mail server and domain names.
We recommend and support you for the study of your needs in creating and implementing your website online.

We realize your presence on the Web in several ways:

This site presents your company or activity on the web in a simple and concise way.
Original creation of 5 pages and referencing with the main search engines.

This website presents your company or business on the Web.
It’s an original creation of more or less a dozen pages and listings to major search browsers.

It’s an original creation of several fully custom pages. Support of multiple languages.

The world of the Web is in perpetual evolution, this is why it’s essential to update and renew your presence on the Web.

We propose an adaptation of your website to the current trends through the color code, its layout and typography.


We propose to monitor and return visits to your website weekly or monthly, starting from 10€/month (package already including lots of options).
The information is various and you choose what interests you: