Regulation of rentals

The prices listed below are indicative prices. They vary depending on the cost of purchase and some options chosen, or not, at the request of the customer.

To ensure the proper functioning of our rental services, a file will be created and analyzed at each customer request.
Regular monitoring of rented equipment is done internally.
This means that you can reach our team at any time to find out the status of current rental, when you are eligible to replace the unit or how long before claiming total possession of the device at no additional cost.

Our team will also contact you when certain period are reached:

Please note that a deposit of 50% of the value of the device will be required.
It will be fully returned if the device has no abnormal damage. Otherwise, if it requires a repair not covered by our insurance, part or all of the deposit will be used.
If the repair fee for the rented device is greater than the deposit, it will be charged. In the event that the rented device is considered not repairable by our repair service and confirmed by an external team, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount based on value of the device when purchased.

PC rental

Do you want to change your computer on a regular basis while enjoying the best possible services? Feel free to subscribe to our PC rental form!

Our package includes an antivirus, data transfer and Surface Complete warranty extension.
Most models come with the Surface Pen. If you do not want it, simply specify it in the request.
Renewal of the device possible minimum after 16 months.
The warranty extension is an extended 3 year warranty Microsoft Complete for Business (accidental coverage and repair).

Our offers are based on the Microsoft Surface listed below:

Smartphone rental

Screen and case protection included. Renewal of the device possible minimum after 12 months.

After 12 months, whatever the chosen formula, the price drops to 9.99 €/month until the 16th month.
If the device is still not replaced after 16 months, the smartphone will belong to you, as well as the accessories.

Device is not covered by a warranty extension.
24 month option also available.